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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 22, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news on this tuesday, june 22nd. >> future attacks. the man who planned to bomb times square pleads guilty. and promises continued attacks until the u.s. does one thing. new closures. more of the gulf becomes off-limits to fishermen, already struggling to get by. and reason to cheer. a trial under way today will attempt to resolve one question -- is cheerleading a sport? good morning. and thanks for being with us on this tuesday. well, it was a chilling confession inside a federal court in new york. and the accused came prepared to tell all. >> as he pled guilty to the attempted bombing of times square, faisal shahzad called himself a muslim soldier.
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and warned of more attacks on the u.s. aaron katersky was in the courtroom. >> reporter: faisal shahzad stood before a judge for nearly an answer. and parted himself as the answer to the killing muslims. and then pled guilty to the attempt to detonate a car bomb in sometimes square. the judge questioned shahzad, whether he understood the charges. shahzad stunned the packed courtroom when he said yes. and he wanted to plead 100-times more. to let the u.s. know, if it doesn't stop muddling in muslim affairs, we will be attacking the u.s. in his plot to set off the bomb in times square, on a warm, saturday night, with the broadway theater district packed with potential victims. he said he actually had three bombs in the suv he parked near the theater. >> there were no soldiers in times square. the people choose the government.
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he was asked, even the children who were there? the drones in pakistan don't know if they kill children. >> reporter: he's been cooperating with authorities since he was arrested at jfk airport may 3rd. at the last minute he was pulled off a plane for dubai. sentencing has been scheduled for october 5th. shahzad said in court that the taliban gave him a bombmaking manual. but it was in the wrong language. and he couldn't get it translated. there was a shakeup at the white house this morning. president obama losing one of his key economic advisers. white house budget pregnanter, peter orszag is stepping down. he was a major player in getting the president's $862 billion stimulus program passed. insiders say he never intended to stay in the job for more than two years. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is apologizing this morning for a magazine profile in which he sharply criticizes the white house he serves. in the "rolling stone" article, called "the runaway general,"
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general stanley mcchrystal was quote, disappointed in his first meeting with president obama. mcchrystal is said to be at odds with vice president biden to send more troops to afghanistan. this morning, the general issued this statement saying, quote, i extend my sincerest apology for this profile. i have enormous respect for the administration -- respect that is and admiration for president obama and his national security team. and for the civilian leaders and troops fighting this war. and i remain committed to ensewering its successful outcome. and now, to the golf, where the government is rushing $20 billion in relief funds to people in need. >> but the man assigned to distribute that money says it will be harder than helping the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks because this disaster is far from over. >> john hendren joins us with the latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. good morning, jeremy. that oil slick has brought
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massive environmental damage. but the economic damage is devastating and growing. around the gulf, the toll grows worse. empty beaches. empty pockets. >> can't pay my bills and put food on my table, no problem. now, it's a problem. >> reporter: the federal government has now closed 36% of the gulf of mexico's federal waters. the man in charge of a $20 billion fund to aid out-of-work fishermen and others, says the obama administration is trying to bring help faster. >> the top message is the message conveyed to me by the president and the administration. we want to get the claims out quicker. >> reporter: still, the damage rises. the total oil leaked so far, nearly 160 million gallons. enough to fill nearly half the empire state building. but a lawsuit by hornbeck offshore services says the drilling is making the disaster worse. >> it's a knee-jerk reaction of the government. >> reporter: backers say the threat is in plain sight.
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on these pelicans. >> there may be oil. but they're strong. >> reporter: and around the gulf. in louisiana, 239 miles, roughly 60% of its coastline have been impacted by oil. mississippi, less than 1%. florida, 11%. >> it takes time, frankly, to figure out what the best way to ensure safety is. >> reporter: just how much time that will take will be decided in louisiana federal court. a judge says he'll decide as soon as today. but no later than tomorrow, whether to end that ban on drilling in the gulf. jeremy and vinita? >> all right, john hendren in washington. thanks, john. one group of oil spill victims is already getting a new start. 38 pelicans rescued in louisiana have been released into the wild in texas. it is a powerful symbol of hope for so many in the gulf. matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: they were brought in, basted in oil. now, freedom. >> we helped restore these birds back to their natural health. now, we've sent them off. >> reporter: 38 pelicans packed in dog crates, were trucked from
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this wildlife refuge to new orleans. then, made the flight to safety in texas. >> they may be oiled. but they're strong. >> reporter: and more birds brought into this sanctuary, more than 700 have been captured alive. their scrubbed from bill to foot, an arduous process that ask send the animals into shock. in an attempt to help wildlife and clean up the shoreline, bp finally gave 11 smaller companies a shot. all of them professed to have the solution. >> this pulls up oil so fast. >> it can hold up to 75-times its weight. >> reporter: still, some worry that many of the efforts to clean the oil are causing as much damage as the spill itself. this environmentalist was shooting a plea on youtube that cleanup crews were trampering the nesting area. >> this truck right now is passing within ten feet of that nest. >> reporter: and immediately
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after the pelicans were released, they flew out of their cages. some alone, and then in pairs. eventually, they formed a flock. matt gutman, abc news, orange beach, louisiana. voters in a small nebraska town have joined the national debate on immigration. they've approved a man of hiring or renting buildings to illegal immigrants in fremont. federal judges have struck down similar laws in other communities. president obama marks gay pride month with an event at the white house today. tomorrow, he will order businesses to extend unpaid leave to gay workers to care for newborns or loved ones. the president has implemented a series of small steps toward gay rights. although, activists criticize the slow go approach. firefighters are gaining ground on a wildfire in northern arizona. they say the fire is 10% contained. but hundreds of residents who were evacuated have not been allowed to go back home. an apparent campfire set off the
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blaze. now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. severe storms from the dakotas all the way to the nation's capital. gusty winds, flash flooding and a chance of tornados in fargo, omaha, chicago, cleveland and pittsburgh. heavy rain along the gulf coast. heat advisories and warnings in a dozen states from texas to indiana. >> dallas hits 101. kansas city, 97. and indianapolis, 92. 80s in new york and boston. and 90s from baltimore to miami. phoenix will climb to 104. albuquerque, 97. sacramento, 92. 70s in the pacific northwest. and 81 in boise. and when we come back, new incentives to get you to buy american. criminal charges for several adults after this videotaped beating in a texas school. and price war. the cost of the popular e-readers is dropping. a few years ago i got a wake up call.
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lawmakers have reached a deal that could make it cheaper to buy things with debit cards. negotiators in the house and senate working on the financial overhaul bill have agreed to cut the fees that credit card companies charge merchants for debit card transactions. and that could save retailers billions of dollars a year. and many stores say they will share those savings with customers. the federal reserve opens a two-day meeting today to set interest rates. the central bank is expected to hold interest rates at record lows now and for many months to come. that means rates will remain low, which is good for borrowers and helps the economy grow.
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but it is bad for savers, who won't earn much interest. overseas stocks are down across the board this morning. tokyo's nikkei average fell 1.2% today. hong kong's hang seng is lower. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow slipped eight points yesterday. the nasdaq dropped 20 points. a new survey finds health insurance premiums are prizing far more rapidly for people who buy their own coverage than those who get it through work. recent premium hikes entered by insurers for individual coverage rose 20%. that was compared to last year's 5% increase, for employer-sponsored coverage. and it's unchanged premiums for single coverage. general motors and ford are offering new incentives to get buyers in showrooms. free maintenance for cat lacks and lincolns. all 2011 models will get 4 years or 50,000 miles. this is after lincoln announced similar incentives late last
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week. barnes & noble and amazon have started a price war for the electronic readers. barnes & nobel cut the price for nook readers. and amazon cut the kindle's price tag to 189 dollar. both are trying to compete with the ipad, which costs more but offers more functions. >> you forget how much a book costs these days. coming up, joran van der sloot's showdown with the judge. and the question that one connecticut court will decide. is cheerleading a sport? [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe
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warm sleeping bags. and a combined love for robert patten. a look at your road conditions. flooding on i-94, from fargo to minneapolis and chicago. and i-75, from pittsburgh to st. louis. wet along much of the east coast. and smoke could hamper driver around flagstaff, arizona. >> if you are flying today, you can expect some airport delays in the twin cities. also, detroit, chicago, and new orleans. murder suspect joran van der sloot, is refusing to speak to the peruvian judge assigned to rule in his case. the judge visited him in his maximum security jail cell. van der sloot's lawyer advised him not to speak with the judge. the lawyer says the young man's confession should be thrown out because the police intimidated him and he lied. van der sloot is accused of killing a peruvian woman in his hotel room last month. a teacher and three other educators at a houston charter school have been charged in connection with student beating
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caught on videotape. the disturbing video from a cell phone camera appears to show the teacher kicking, slapping and dragging a 13-year-old student back in april. the teacher, who has since been fired, faces the most serious charges. the others are accused of failing to report child abuse. in a connecticut courtroom, an unlikely battle is being fought over whether cheerleading can be considered a sport. the judge's decision could affect female athletes at colleges all over the country. linsey davis reports on what's at issue. >> reporter: no pom-poms or megaphones here. these cheerleaders are agile and strong. they see themselves as gymnasts and what they do is a sport. they eliminated women's volleyball and replaced it with cheerleading. officially recognizing them as athletes. that didn't sit well with the volleyball team, which filed a lawsuit against the school saying, not so fast. the school says it was about cost. volleyball costs $70,000 a year for 11 players, while
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cheerleading costs 50,000 for a team of 40. now, it's up to the court to decide if cheerleading is really a sport. they'll be looking to title 9, the federal law that defines a sport and requires a school to provide equal opportunities for men and women to compete. >> you look at a variety of factors to determine if cheer leading is is a sport. does it have a defined season and coaching and a certain number of practices and competition? >> cheerleading will always have a stereotype. but for right now, it doesn't matter what they say. i know what i do. >> reporter: but it's now in the court's hands. and many in the women's sports community will be watching closely from the sidelines. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> so, is cheerleading a sport? the debate is raging right now on we hope that you will add your comment. and read the hundreds already posted. well, still one more day until team usa's next world cup match. in south africa, spain and portugal won big.
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for wimbledon highlights, here's adnan virk at espn news. >> good morning. i'm adnan virk with this sports update. at wimbledon, roger federer faced a tough match in his first test against alejandro falla. first set, tied at 5-5. falla, back hand volley in the corner. he would break federer and go on to win the next set. second set, falla's set point number four. beautiful, soft volley to take the second set, 6-4. federer's in trouble. third set, just trying to stay alive is the six-time champion. beautiful forehand down the line to break falla. he would win the third set, 6-4. after the fourth set, federer match point. and the swiss mister wins in five sets. but realized he was lucky to escape this. meantime, the yankees and the diamondbacks, a.j. burnett did not bring his "a" game. bottom of the first, two outs,
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justin upton. that is deep and that is gone. solo home run. diamondbacks up 1-0. still two out, adam laroche. how about you and i go for a ride? laroche's tenth home run of the season. diamondbacks up 4-0. and mark reynolds. sometimes he whiffs. and sometimes he gets all of it. his 17th home run of the season. burnett lasted just four innings. seven hits, four home runs. that does it for your sports update. back to you in new york. >> our thanks to espn. new york city has added a new sound to the buzz of hanking horns and sirens and jackhammers. this one is actually music to your ears. ♪ >> people of all ages have been helping themselves to 60 pianos that popped up around the city, each with a sign saying "play
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me, i'm yours." >> looks like a big hit. >> the pianos will be donated to schools and other groups. >> i have a feeling you'll be hearing chopsticks around new york city. >> especially if i find one. coming up, the stories we'll be following today. including a white house shakeup. a cloegs adviser stepping down. and before the gulf, there was a disaster in nashville. tonight, a city comes together. i had ongoing pain. a deep ache all over. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now i can do more of what i love. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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it's a tast, nutritious way to mke this number go up... and help this one go down. v8. what's yournumber? ♪ talking about nutrition [ female announcer ] "i can't believe it's not butter" with no trans fat and 70% less saturated fat than butter. butter taste, better health. now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this tuesday. president obama marks 90 days since he signed the historic health care overhaul bill by announcing new health insurance benefits for consumers. the president has a top job to fill now that white house budget director, peter orszag is stepping down. orszag is expected to leave in the next few weeks. russian president dmitry
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medvedev will be in washington today. by the end of the day, republican nikki haley could be a step closer to becoming south carolina's first female governor. haley is facing congressman barrett in for the gop nomination. a fund-raising concert for the victims of the nashville floods. among 20 top singers are poised to take the stage. and the secretary in los angeles, will announce whether michael jackson's fans will be able to visit his grave on the first anniversary of his death this friday. and coming up on "good morning america," an exclusive interview with olympic gymnast, shawn johnson, speaking out for the first time since the sentencing of her stalker. the "dancing with the stars" champ will tell us what it was like to face the stranger who was completely obsessed with her. >> that story coming up on "gma." for some of you, your local news is coming up next.
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stuck. a train ride home that went a few steps and just had it in the heat. hear from some hot passengers. >> that beverage tax was not bottled. how the council squeaked this one through. >> 3,000 miles. how this wounded police officer is making a point. just ahead on this tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. hot yesterday. >> i know. >> hot. >> it was. here's meteorologist justin berk to keep the heat on. >> 4:58. yes, three days in a row of 90-degree heat and this is just the beginning of a stretch that will take us into the weekend and maybe early next week. increased humidity and increased chance of thunderstorms each day, starting today. there may be brief relief.
4:59 am
yesterday, 94 in baltimore. 90 easton. a little cooler in york at 86 and 91 hagerstown, winchester and even charlottes as well. so we share in the bigtime heat and 70 in baltimore. we'll probably drop into the upper 60s. then sunrise coming up in a half-hour, we'll have another day pushing into the low 90s. that will help to develop thunderstorms. some could be strong this afternoon as we go for our 2-degree guarantee of 92, making four days in a row of the 90s. more to come. lets check the roads with kim. >> we're working one accident, route 175 eastbound, the ramp from northbound 95, blocked due to an overnight accident. also dealing with fire activity in baltimore city that has the intersection at liberty heights and garrison boulevard blocked at this time. no problems on 695 at harford road, and as we check drive times looking good as you make


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